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The Marine LPG Cylinder is specifically designed for marine use, for cooking, lighting and heating. It is also ideal for everyday domestic and leisure use.


All STPV Marine LPG Cylinders are manufactured from 316L stainless steel to counteract marine corrosion. The design is approved in Victoria and by other statutory authorities in Australia,


The Marine LPG Cylinder vessels are constructed in accordance with the requirements of AS2971 for material, design and testing. The HSP09 design range incorporates a rubber base which absorbs shock and minimises damage to decking and other surfaces. The HSP10 series made to AS2470 comes with a stainless steel base ring. The vessels are ELECTRO-POLISHED to enhance appearance and corrosion resistance.


The STPV Marine LPG Cylinders are manufactured from temper rolled stainless steel grade 316, lighter weight option than thicker stainless materials.


All cylinders are tested in accordance with AS2030 & AS2337.


Features of Marine LPG Cylinders:

Retains appearance

No chipping paint or rust

Longer life due to better corrosion resistance

Rubber base to protect decking and other surfaces

No internal scale to contaminate LPG fuel systems

Australian made

Marine LPG Cylinder


Model #   TARE Kg GROSS Kg Cylinder Diameter Cylinder Height Water Capacity LPG Kg
HSP0903    2.8 4.6 224mm 225mm 3.0 Litres 1.3
HSP0906 3.8 6.7 224mm 310mm 6.0 Litres 2.5
HSP0908 4.4 8.2 224mm 370mm 8.5 Litres 3.4
HSP0911 5.2 10.1 224mm 450mm 11.3 Litres 4.5
HSP0914 6.0 12.2 224mm 540mm 14.5 Litres 5.8
HSP1023 8.0 17.5 318mm 485mm 23.0 Litres 9.0
HSP1026 9.1 19.6 318mm 485mm 26.0 Litres 10.0


  • – TARE Kg – Weight of empty cylinder without valve
  • – GROSS Kg – Weight of cylinder complete with gas
  • – Valve weight 400gms
  • – Vessels require retesting every ten years



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